Liversedge FC’s Stance on FA Cup Replays

Once again, football and its chiefs are sitting miles apart regarding their understanding of the game. 

The FA Cup. It’s not just a cup competition; it’s a beacon of dreams and hopes. It’s a competition that resonates with people like you and me, those who dare to dream of etching their names in its rich history. It’s a symbol of our shared passion for the game, a testament to the power of football to inspire and unite us. The FA Cup is steeped in history, with each edition adding a new chapter to its legacy, a legacy that we, as football fans, players, and officials, are a part of. 

Everyone in football is shocked to see the FA and Premier League put a halt to FA Cup replays. For clubs like ourselves, the FA Cup brings excitement to the community; in recent years, we held Chorley FC at Clayborn to earn a replay—a massive moment in the club’s recent history. It can bring in extra revenue for non-league clubs, a lifeline that can help them invest in their future. It may not be enormous revenue, but if a smaller club is to go on a cup run and earn a home & away tie against someone significantly bigger than them, with a TV fee as well, it can change the club. In recent years, Crawley Town, Lincoln City, and Sutton United have played considerable games in the cup, which has benefited their club hugely. And we can not forget the ties with Hereford and Newcastle in ’72, a non-league club earning a replay and going on to win against Division One opposition. Let’s not forget this year’s semi-finalists, Coventry City, of the EFL, wouldn’t have got there if it wasn’t for a replay in the 4th round. We could go on for a long time.

It’s not easy for players to play replays, both physically and mentally. We are currently in a grueling schedule, playing every two days. Balancing full-time work, evening training, and weekend and weeknight games is a demanding task. But our lads, they do us proud in situations like this. However, our thoughts are also with the Premier League Clubs and the players who are undoubtedly feeling the same kind of strain. 

We advise anyone unsure of what the FA Cup is about to watch ‘The Greatest Game’ on Netflix. With any luck, the powers that be will see what the FA Cup means to us all. 

Like most football clubs, fans, and players, we strongly condemn the removal of replays in the FA Cup. We hold onto the hope that this decision will be reconsidered, allowing the magic of the cup to continue. 

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